“Sarah comes from a event delivery perspective and knows the sector backwards and inside out – plus is totally up to date on COVID Secure guidance, legislation and all the ‘normal’ H&S stuff. Her expertise, positive attitude and practical approach meant I could focus on everything else to make the event a massive success – and be face to face with the micebook community once again at last!”

Chetan Shah, Micebook

“Keeping our team and our clients safe during such a challenging time has always been the number one priority at SomeBrightSpark and having such an informed COVID Secure expert and dedicated resource to ensure that happens has been invaluable. ”

Dan Rogers, Some Bright Spark

“Sarah is my first point of call if I have any H&S requirements for an event, especially during COVID. She has worked tirelessly to ensure she is not only completely up to date with the ever changing guidance during COVID, but most valuable of all, can translate the guidance into an understandable format. With her ever optimistic and positive outlook she somehow makes it just a bit more fun ;-) ”

Jo Randall, Freelance Event Manager

“Sarah is a truly experienced, level headed, rock of an event professional. She has an admirable approach to her work, events, clients and peers, that I admire and learn from. She's enthusiastic and she's also really nice. What a bonus!”

Lauren Banham, Event Agency

“Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic and committed event professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Whilst a master of logistics and operations, she is very creative and eager to push the boundaries. Serious about doing a job to the highest standards but with fun and an exceptionally positive attitude along the way.”

Paul Evans, Eveology (Marketing Agency)

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